Why do we charge a fee for missed or cancelled bookings?
Please read this page carefully.

Let us be clear, we don't want your money. The fee is simply there to discourage non-attendance. Let's face it, some people will jump to sign up for anything free (we know, we have been doing this for a while), and then not bother attending, attending late, or only attending when it suits them. Our tutors are prepared to give up their time unpaid to assist people on a 1 to 1 basis, something which would normally cost approximately £30 - £40 per hour. So we only want dedicated students who want to learn. This is why we have been forced to introduce a refundable deposit system.

You will need to pay a refundable deposit to secure your first set of free tuition slots. If you miss a tuition lesson, you will forfeit that deposit and have to pay an additional deposit to continue studying with us. As long as all lessons are attended your deposit will be returned to you. It is not possible to reschedule tuition appointments so please do not book unless you are sure you will be able to attend all your booked sessions. Tuition slots are booked 3 or 4 weeks in advance and missed or cancelled appointments will forfeit your deposit. Once booked a tuition slot cannot be changed. A tuition slot will be recorded as missed if you are more than 5 minutes late for your lesson. Even though there is no charge for the service we want you to treat it (and value it) as a paid appointment. Remember this is one to one time with a tutor.

We are extremely busy and tuition spaces are currently in high demand. If a free space is allocated to you it means someone else has to wait. If you then subsequently do not attend one of the sessions, that time is wasted, as the tutor will not be able to teach anyone else in your allocated time slot. This is not fair to those on the waiting list.

All cancellation/non-attendance withheld deposits are donated to charity. This service is purely provided to earn the pleasure of Allaah and we do not wish to accept any payments for teaching Salah. 

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